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What Is It?

This is our second major experience, this one draws inspiration from the legendary “Nacht Der Untoten” Zombies map from Call of Duty, offering players a thrilling, nostalgic experience like never before.

This is the Call Of Duty: Zombies x Halo crossover you’ve been waiting for, for well over a decade, so with that, let’s dive into the details of this unique creation and explore the challenging & unforgettable ride it promises to take all of it’s players on.

A Legendary Influence

“Nacht Der Untoten” was the first zombies map in Call Of Duty: World At War back in 2008 & the first ever zombies map, this map kickstarted the Zombies mode phenomenon. It was set in an abandoned bunker during World War II, where players faced endless waves of undead soldiers. The map’s tight quarters, chilling atmosphere, and intense survival gameplay left a lasting impact on the gaming community.

“Night of the Undead” brings these elements to the Halo universe, whilst still respecting the source, we went even further and beyond to make the experience better suited for Halo Infinite and it’s players. It’s a very nostalgic yet fresh take on this classic masterpiece.

The Map Overview

“Night of the Undead” finds its home in a abandoned ONI bunker, used to treat the wounded on the moon of Taxton. It is located at the moons only ONI outpost.

The map is thoughtfully designed with narrow corridors, a foggy & dark atmosphere, and hidden clues to what took place long before you arrived, creating an immersive environment that will keep players on their toes every single step of the way. The chilling ambiance, combined with the haunting echoes of the horrors that took place here, sets the stage for a gripping & challenging survival journey.

Crafting The Gameplay

The gameplay in “Night of the Undead” mirrors the classic Zombies formula while incorporating Halo Infinite’s unique mechanics. Players must fend off endless waves of relentless infected by any means necessary.

As the rounds progress, the infected will grow stronger, faster and more challenging, requiring strategic teamwork, upgrades, better weapons and resourceful thinking to survive.

All of the gameplay in this experience was scripted to take FULL advantage of Halo Infinite’s forge and to show the community what is truly possible in this version of forge.

Weapons & Perks

To enhance the gameplay experience even more, the map offers custom weapon placements inspired by the classic wall buys seen in the original Nacht Der Untoten map. Players can also use the mystery box for weapons, although this is a gamble and can result in low tier weapons, but also pay off and give you the weaponry needed to survive.

Additionally, perks like, Juggernog, Speed Cola & Double Tap are scattered around the map, although they are costly, they provide essential upgrades to survive the later waves of the undead.

Juggernog gives the player 2x their base health, Speed Cola gives the player 2x reload speed and lastly, Double Tap gives the player 2x damage on all of their weapons.


Pack-A-Punch will give all guns a aim-bot like upgrade that first sniper rounds, that lock on to the zombies heads dealing extra damage at no extra cost of bullets, a very powerful upgrade for the cost of 2500.

Although this is expensive for the player, it can prove to be the most important piece to taking on waves of the infected.

PRICE WAS 5000, IS NOW 2500!

Difficulty & Traits

There are 5 difficulties. Easy, Hard, Nightmare, Insanity & God Waves. This caps out at round 13 but also triggers the start of ‘god waves’ which makes the game much, much harder.

The ‘traits’ happen every 3 rounds from round 15 and onwards. This means all infected on these ‘god waves’ will be fully camouflage, so watch your back, work as a team & if you’re solo, you better be prepared.

Random Drops

Just like the original, there are random drops. These drops have a 4% at spawning after killing an infected. The four drops in the game right now are:

The Nuke, kills all the infected on the map. Double Points, gives the player Double Points for every kill for 30 seconds after pick up. Max Ammo, refills the players ammo for all weapons (this applies to every player, doesn’t matter who picks it up, all players will get this bonus, the same goes for Double Points). And finally, Insta-Kill, this makes it practically 1 shot with any gun for the next 30 seconds after pick up, this also applies to all players.

These drops have a 25% of spawning from that 4% as there is 4 of them. There’s a 4% chance either one of the four spawn.

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is a crucial part of the ‘zombies experience, it’s fairly priced and offers a random weapon. There are alot of weapons in the box’s pool. So you might get a low tier weapon, but you might also get a very powerful weapon at the same time, it’s a gamble but it could pay off, big time. The box costs 600 points.

ALMOST all weapons in the Mystery Box take advantage of the Pack-A-Punch machine, meaning these weapons can become very, VERY powerful!

Door Buys

There are 3 door buys on the map, there is the box room door, the box room stairs and either the spiral stairs in the spawn room or the Double Tap perk room door. Both of which open one another.

All doors on the map cost 1000 points each, but they open the map to more areas and more useful things like, perks, better wall buys and the mystery box… plus a few other things.

Player Buy Back

The Player Buy Back was never and has never been in zombies, but for gameplay reasons in Halo, we added it in. The way it works is simple, a player dies, you pay a fee of 650 points to buy them back into the current round. Giving you a better chance at success.

Keep in mind, players respawn at the end of every round, so if you’re on lower rounds or if there’s not much zombies left, maybe saving your points is the best bet.

If you are solo then, of course none of this matters. But don’t worry, we have a special challenge coming up for you solo players.


“Night Of The Undead” much like our Battle Royale experience ‘Forsaken’ that launched in February, really aims to push the boundaries of what is possible within Halo Infinite’s forge mode.

With over 400 nodes & the visual detail we aimed for, “Night Of The Undead” is the perfect example as to what can be made in forge, given the time, talent and dedication this studio has put into this project.

Gear up Spartans, this brand new,revolutionary experience launches on August 4th & we cannot wait for you all to jump in and attempt to survive the ‘Night Of The Undead

Finally, HiddenXperia. Thank you for being the creator you are and being one of the beacons in the Halo community that shines bright. This experience was promised to you over a year ago by me (EliteFalcon) and I gotta say, The Forge Falcons team smashed it out of the park. And onbehalf of the team, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We hope Halo fans that have neverexperienced zombies find alot of joy in this, because at the end of the day it was made for you, the fans.

We love you all, you are what makes us who we are and what gives us the motivation day in, day out to do what we do. Now go have fun, all of you amazing people deserve it.

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TFF | Night Of The Undead | Overview

  • profficient

    This experience is a ton of fun! So thankful you all put this together. It really emphasizes the power of Infinite’s forge mode and I can’t wait to see what comes next from The Forge Falcons!

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