Night Of The Undead SMASHES Our Record For Most Plays In The First 24 Hours

Beyond Our Expectations

Our expectations were far, far below what this experience has already achieved. We expected Night Of The Undead to hit 1000 plays in… 7 days.

Night Of The Undead went onto accumulate 3000 plays in it’s first 24 hours. If it carries on at this pace, it is currently tracking to hit 10,000 in it’s first week. 10x our original estimates.

A Thank You To The Community

At the end of the day, it’s down to you. The community, for playing our brand new experience and keeping the momentum high, we are glad you’re all finding joy in the work we do. You are what drives us to keep making these experiences and these first 24 hours have really hit home for us.

Thank you to the creators that took part in playdates or are looking to take part in playdates, these creators are, Mint Blitz, FootedGhost, OmnicientWolf, iSpiteful & HiddenXperia. You have all been incredibly supportive in what we do here at The Forge Falcons. And for that we cannot thank you all enough, seriously. You’re all legends in this amazing community.


We will be keeping track of ‘Night Of The Undead’ and it’s performance & members of the team will be jumping in and out of custom lobbies in the browser to show their gratitude. We can’t thank you all enough. So, with all of that said, go slay some zombies in Night Of The Undead!

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