Halo Season 2 Episode 8: The Best Episode Of The Entire Series – Review

This Review Contains NO Spoilers!

This review is going to be brief, as I don’t want to spoil anything but, holy fucking shit the Season 2 finale of Halo is an absolute must watch for any Halo fan, from badass fight scenes between titans, to an ancient horror being unleashed and the long awaited arrival of… Halo.

Season 2 on the whole has been really good, it had some lows but this, this is why you watch a show all the way through before judging it.

What Didn’t Work In The Finale?

The finale had some odd pacing at times and the plot armour a certain character gets is HEAVY. But besides that, the rest of the episode truly is just, Halo. Everything has come to a head and it’s clear where Season 3 is going to go now (if we get a Season 3 that is).

I can overlook the plot armour and odd pacing at a few points just because the rest of the episode is SO GOOD. If you haven’t watched it yet then please. Go watch.

The Verdict For Episode 8

The Season 2 finale of Halo does what a finale should do, it sets up Season 3 in a great way but also closes out the story we have had not only for all of Season 2 but also Season 1. If Season 3 is greenlit by Paramount (which should be the case considering the shows popularity) then they have a great foundation to go off of. Season 2 was about getting to the ring and closing off the first arc of the show.

Overall, Season 2 Episode 8 is what I as a Halo fan want to see and I am genuinely excited for the future of the show if there is one. I sure hope so, from action, to writing, to the characters. This season has done great with all of that, it had a few lows but Episode 8 was not one of them. So for me, Episode 8 is the best of the entire series just because it does everything, I as a fan, want to see. And I can only deduct 1 point for the plot armour and pacing at times, but besides that. Amazing episode.

Episode 8 Rating: 9/10

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