Halo Season 2 Episode 7: Setting Up Season 3 & The Battle For The Ring – Review

This Review Contains Slight Spoilers!

Where to begin with this one… another solid episode in Halo Season 2. From learning more about the forerunners, to learning more about the Halo or Makee. Or what seems to be… The Flood.

This episode sets up the finale in a perfect way, Chief in-between two huge conflicts, whilst only being able to choose one. One no more right than the other, according to trailers it does look like we’re getting a huge space battle in episode 8 and I for one cannot wait for that.

The Forerunners And… The Flood?

It now seems very likely that if we do get a Season 3, it will dive into the lore and stories of the Forerunners and The Flood. It looks like Season 2 is going to end on a good old cliffhanger, that being The Flood or The Gravemind (just my guess).

The Forerunners in this show or more so the artstyle for the civilization looks absolutely stunning. You see it and instantly know it belongs to the Forerunners. Whoever worked on that in the art department did an absolutely incredible job and the VFX team smashed it to bring that to life on screen.

The Verdict For Episode 7

Episode 7 sets the stage for the biggest battle this show has ever done, this time… in space. With great pacing throughout and great scenes for almost every character (yes including Kwan Ha) there’s not many negatives I can give this episode. It is just a really solid episode all round.

The only thing I will say is that it does lack action, I for one love building stories, characters etc but the last actual battle sequence we had was Episode 4 so I was itching for more here. But like I said before, Episode 8 looks to be the best episode of the series as a whole and yes even better than Episode 4.

Overall, this episode shows the strengths of good pacing, good writing and solid acting and those 3 alone make this episode one of the strongest of Season 2, it does falls short on the action. But I get it, this episode wasn’t for that and was more so about setting up Season 3 (if there is one).

Episode 7 Rating: 8/10

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