Halo Season 2 Episode 6: A Deeper Look Into ONI & A Clash In The Covenant – Review

This Review Has Slight Spoilers!

Episode six is another solid episode for Season 2 of Halo. The episode focuses on ONI, Chief & the Covenant, with very little Kwan & Soren. It’s an episode that pushes the plot forward for the final two episodes. It’s well written, well paced and overall well put together.

Cortana & The Plan.

As many speculated when Cortana was taken on Reach, it wasn’t lazy writing or anything of the sort, it was of course. Parangosky and her plan to gather intel on a Covenant fleet to plan a surprise attack.

And on top of that plan, Cortana learns the Covenant are close to finding the Halo. All of this looks like come the end of Episode seven titled, Thermopylae. We will arrive at the Halo, either the Covenant or Humanity. It has been said that everything comes to a head at the end of Episode seven for a *new* threat to be the *real* threat, this could be and most likely will be the Halo, but it could also very well be The Flood.

A Chief & Arbiter Rematch Is Imminent.

There’s scenes in this episode that go back to the death in episode four, mostly ones with Chief & Kai. One point in the episode though, Cortana tells Chief she is with “the one they call The Arbiter” and the look on Chiefs face and the things he says following only really point to one thing, the rematch we all want.

Chief had a good old fight with The Arbiter in episode four, but was interrupted by one elite that didn’t care about honour, not only that, Chief was out of his armor. It is clear next episode we are going to see Chief get his armor back, have some interesting interactions with Ackerson and eventually Soren getting his son back all primed and ready for the big finale.

The Verdict For Episode 6.

Episode six is solid, it’s not amazing by any means, but it doesn’t try to be, it also isn’t bad or average either. It’s a good episode that pushes the plot forward, focuses on characters the vast majority care about and looks to be taking the plot to a place none of us would have expected at the start of the season.

Hopefully the last two episodes can take this season from a good one to a great one. Currently I’d give this season a 7.5/10 on the whole, but with two episodes to go, anything can change. And I hope it’s for the better. We are yet to see a space battle and according to trailers, this takes place in one of the last episodes. I assume it will be when the Covenant locate Halo and Cortana warns Parangosky, which then leads to a battle in space.

Overall, episode six is a step up from the last but doesn’t quite reach the highs of episode four (pun intended) it kind of sits somewhere in-between. And believe me, with season 1 being a thing that exists. That’s a good thing.

Episode 6 Rating: 7.5/10

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Halo Season 2 Episode 6: A Deeper Look Into ONI & A Clash In The Covenant – Review

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