Halo Season 2 Episode 4: The best the series has done so far – review

This Review Is Spoiler Free!

Halo Season 2 Episode 4 really shows just how great this series can be in live action, from the incredible action scenes, awesome VFX work (great work whoever did that) and to the acting. Compared to Season 1 this Season is night and day in every area. And it is amazing.

This episode features a lot of everything, what I mean by that is, there’s action of course but that comes with a lot of weight and loss, and having those things makes this a pretty emotional episode. Where things go from here is anyones guess, Reach is falling and there’s still 4 episodes remaining.

The Arbiter

For anyone still wondering, yes, the elite we keep seeing is in fact the Arbiter. This episode more so than any others proves that, whenever he’s on screen, there’s a focus on him and his rivalry with Chief.

I won’t say any more on that but, if you want to see the Arbiter in action, in live-action then I’d suggest watching episode 4 of Season 2, because it really does go hard.

The Verdict For Episode 4

Episode 4 of Season 2, ‘Reach’ is what Halo fans want from a live action Halo series, it offers action, emotional weight, loss, stakes and intensity. There’s some odd story choices that do leave some questions but overall this is the best the series has ever been and I can’t really fault it on much besides some writing choices.

Season 2, since its premiere has been getting mostly positive reviews from fans and it’s clear to see why, Paramount took the feedback from the first season and instead of saying fans are wrong and what they made was great, they are rapidly turning it around only 4 episodes in.

Episode 4 Rating: 9/10

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