Halo Season 2 Episode 3 Sets The Tone For The Rest Of The Season – Review

This Review Is Spoiler Free!

Episode 3 is a very fast paced episode. It feels like the intention was to really push the story forward as quickly as possible and I feel like they did that really well here. From solid writing choices to solid performances, this episode is an almost perfect episode with only a few flaws.

The strongest part of this episode is definitely the writing, it feels natural and well paced, even for the Kwan sections. Her story took an unexpected but more than welcome turn. The way this episode sets up episode 4 is truly amazing. We get a great voice over from a certain character that really sets the tone for the rest of the season.

They’re Already Here, Aren’t They…

We heard this line in some of the marketing material and it hits just as hard as it did then. Without spoiling anything, things are looking bleak. From decisions made by people throughout the episode and to the way it closes, there’s going to be some (probably a lot) of loss here.

As we learned in episode 2, the Covenant are already on Reach and this episode explores that further whilst also exploring the “dark side” of ONI and just how ruthless they are.

The Verdict For Episode 3

Episode 3 is a strong episode that really does set up The Fall Of Reach beautifully whilst also pushing other plots forward along with it. It’s well written and puts everything in place for what’s to come in episode 4 titled “Reach”.

Overall, a great episode and an improvement over Episode 2, be ready Halo fans, The Fall Of Reach is upon us once again.

Episode 3 rating: 8/10

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