TFF | Forsaken | Battle-Royale

In January 2023, development on ‘Forsaken’ began. Originally a testing map for BTB that evolved into something far greater and something we’ve never seen before in Halo, which is now known as ‘TFF| Forsaken | Battle-Royale’. The team put countless hours into it’s development with the project lead being Sgt Avel, who got the project over the finish line. Forsaken features a large abandoned city with skyscrapers the player can traverse and enter, loot crates to get loot are completely randomized resulting in a different experience every time you play, a fully randomized closing zone that changes the dynamic of gameplay on the go and a gulag system giving players a second chance to get back in the city to finish the fight. Forsaken will continue to receive content updates, patches to bugs and map aesthetic overhauls with the seasons throughout the year, this should make the map feel fresh and keep players excited for future updates we release for Forsaken. Play testers & Discord members are more than welcome to give us feedback on certain aspects of Forsaken and what they’d like to see change & with that the team will look into it and see what they can do. If you haven’t tried the map or if you’re hesitant to try it out, I hope this article gave you a better look at what Forsaken offers for you, the player. So if you want to try the map, make sure to bookmark it here: (). Now get out there Spartan! Finish this fight!

Video by Mint Blitz

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